(clinic on any of the pictures below for enlarged views)

Construction update – February 2016

Outdoor showers were constructed near the well and pump for community members to come to bathe. In addition, another 3 layers of block were added to the walls of the clinic. While that may not seem like much, it is slow, tedious work to make sure that the walls are square and level to ensure a solidly constructed building. (pictures coming soon!)

Construction update – January 2016

The clinic is taking shape! The first course of block has been laid for the exterior walls as well as some of the interior walls. In addition, rebar was inserted into the concrete slab in order to provide support and structure for the completed walls. Seeing the outline of the walls helps to imagine what the future clinic will look like.

clinic block laying 3 clinic block laying 1

clinic block laying 2

Construction update – December 2015


In early December, a team went to Haiti to install the pump for the well and construct a cistern to hold water. The well is now up and running! The 4,500-gallon cistern can be filled in about 2 hours. The entire community is benefitting from access to fresh water. Families are able to bring water to their homes to drink and cook with and farmers are able to water their livestock. To help maintain the well and pump, a water commission was created with local leaders to charge a small fee for those using the well in order to keep the community invested in the project and pay for future maintenance and repairs as well as diesel to run the generator.

young girl water bucket Locals filling water jugs 2 Livestock 1


Progress! For the first time, there is physical, visual evidence of the clinic building! Concrete slabs were poured for both the clinic and future professional school. It’s exciting to see progress being made towards providing the communities with consistent medical care!

Clinic Pour 1 Clinic pour 2 Clinic Pour 3


We have babies! Baby chickens, that is. And, they have a home to live in and so does their caretaker. For those that have been to Haiti, you may have met Mirielle. She is the caretaker of the WWV chickens. The home she rented will no longer be available at the end of the year, so a brand new home was constructed for her next to the chicken coop.

baby chicks 1 baby chicks 2

Mirielle house 1 Mirielle house 2

Prayer – August 2015

Please be in prayer as World Wide Village is in the process of prayerfully considering having more “boots on the ground” in Haiti.  With the new City on a Hill project getting started and more teams coming down to be a part of what God is doing, there is a need for more hands to help in Haiti full-time.  Please join us in prayer for the people God is calling to this work in Haiti.


Water!  June 22, 2015

Success!!!! We have water in the new well for the City on a Hill project.  A team from Minnesota prayed with the Apex team, the Blue Ridge Well Drilling Team, and our Haitian friends, as the drilling commenced and God answered the prayers for abundance.  The Minnesota team also  trenched several hundred feet to start laying the piping so the well can serve the various sites for City on the Hill – including the medical clinic. The well is just up the road from Luly in the neighboring community of Williamson. Exciting day in Haiti!

Haiti Drill  Haiti Drill 2  Haiti Drill 3

A New Road – June 10, 2015

Last week a Haitian crew built a new road that leads up to the land for the City on a Hill project where a future medical clinic will be built.  The road was built by hand, including the gravel being chiseled by hand (see photo below).  The road was necessary to allow a drilling rig to travel up to the location for the new well.  Next step – digging a well!

Making Gravel IMG_0239 IMG_0240

Medical Clinic Update – January 2015

Thanks to everyone for donating to the “Dig Deep” Christmas fundraiser!  Praise God that we were able to raise $8,400 to dig the well.  There is currently a team from Minnesota  that is working on surveying the land to determine how much elevation there is across the City on a Hill property, as well as running a percolation test to find out how big the drainfield will have to be for the buildings that are planned to be built.

Haiti survey IMG_4880

Medical Clinic Update – December 2014

Since the land purchase was completed, teams have been working to survey the land.  Posts have been placed marking the borders of the land and elevations are being measured.  The next steps include building a fence around the property and digging a well that will be used to supply water to the medical clinic and surrounding community.  Fundraising is currently happening through World Wide Village to raise enough money for the well.  “Dig Deep” this Christmas and help fund this much-needed water supply!  Donate here to help build the well. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 6.34.39 AM

Medical Clinic Update – October 2014

The land for phase 1 of the City on a Hill project (including the medical clinic) has been purchased!  Two Carreau (6.38 acres) have been purchased and now belong to World Wide Village.  To make the land transfer and purchase official, the gentleman selling the land signed the documents but also used an ink pad to leave a thumb print on the land transfer documents.  These are photos of the land.  The beauty of the mountains and the ocean view are breathtaking.  We’re excited to see how God will use this land to serve the people of Luly and Williamson, Haiti.

DSCN0175 DSC02784  1184877_10151912802424675_386863180_n

Grace Community Church has been partnering with World Wide Village to be a light to the people of Luly and Williamson, Haiti.  A number of our Run Luly team members have had the opportunity to serve those in Haiti by offering medical and dental care and spiritual encouragement.  Please take a minute to read about the needs in Haiti and the ways Grace Community Church and World Wide Village are partnering to help meet those needs through the City on a Hill project.

How is World Wide Village seeking to help the greatest needs in the Luly area?

NOW: Haiti has only 25 physicians and 11 nurses per 100,000 residents.  The statistics are most severe in the rural areas of Haiti such as Luly.  Haiti has the highest rate of infant mortality in the Western Hemisphere.  There is no access to healthcare or dental facilities for people in villages like Luly and Williamson, and many people must travel by foot from miles around to seek healthcare in the larger towns.  Seeking solutions to a need for medical care, people sometimes turn to voodoo witch doctors who are untrained and often do more harm than good – both physically and spiritually.

SOON, with your help: A modern clinic will be opened in the Luly region and staffed by Haitian doctors, nurses, and dentists and supplemented by visiting American providers on a regular basis; a holistic approach will be taken to include physical, mental, and spiritual treatment and healing.

1069276_10151912735179675_717690166_n     1385115_10151974434631350_512982343_n      485465_10151974438031350_551112060_n      website photo 13

Bethany  882555_10151974437051350_1776535271_o  website photo 8

website photo 11  website photo 17  website photo 18

NOW: Haiti has become dependent on foreign aid and imports 80% of the food it consumes.  A lack of modern farming practices, poorly trained farmers, and severe problems with erosion combine to limit food production.  Malnourishment is the leading cause of death in children in Haiti.

SOON, with your help: A local goat herd will be expanded in the Luly region; egg-laying and broiler chicken production facilities will serve to feed students in the World Wide Village supported schools and produce eggs to be sold in the markets to generate a profit; community gardens will grow produce commonly used in Haitian diets; local farmers will enjoy increased yields and profitability with access to modern tilling and cultivation equipment.

IMG_0701   website photo 1   website photo 46

website photo 40  website photo 41  website photo 50

NOW: No educational opportunities exist beyond grade 10 in the Luly region.  Young people who want to finish high school must move to larger cities far away from the safety and support of family.  Those who do not move often lack basic skills to improve their businesses or qualify for jobs.  There are also pastors in the area who have never learned to read.  Spiritual development for these pastors is lacking as they are unable to read and study the Bible.

SOON, with your help: A professional school will be opened offering classes in basic bookkeeping, computer skills, hospitality, and construction trades.  With Haiti having improved access to computer, internet, and cell phones, learning knowledge of this technology will position Luly and Williamson residents to embrace future opportunities in business and learning.  Pastors will also have the opportunity for spiritual development and growth through a Pastor’s Training Center.

12    website photo 44    website photo 43

NOW: Multiple generations sometimes live in a one-room home with a leaking roof and no security.  Most homes have no access to sanitation, no electricity, and lack of access to clean water supplies.

SOON, with your help: 45-50 families will enjoy the comfort and security of a new home.  Two deep wells will be dug and a distribution, storage, and water treatment system will provide safe water.  Newly constructed homes will include private latrines with flush toilets and proper disposal of waste.  Localized solar systems will provide for lighting needs and basic refrigeration.

1402097_10151974441186350_1415253091_o      website photo 3      website photo 22

Other Ways to Help

  • For $32 a month, you can sponsor a child in a school in Luly or Williamson.  Many of our team members were able to meet their sponsor students on the most recent mission trip to Haiti.  To sponsor a student, please visit the World Wide Village website at www.worldwidevillage.org/student-sponsorships/.

1379503_760025234014292_1292499889_n     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     website photo 7

  • Come to Haiti with members of Grace Community Church on a medical mission trip.  Medical providers and non-medical individuals are welcome.  Contact info@runluly.com for more information.

website photo 10  DSC02699

  • Organize a mission trip with other members of your church to travel to Haiti with World Wide Village.  Work in the schools, help build a home, and provide spiritual encouragement to the people of Luly.  Experience first hand what Run Luly supports and discover the beauty of Haiti!  For more information about taking a mission trip through WWV visit www.worldwidevillage.org/teams/.

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