What is Run Luly?

The 5th Annual Run Luly is a U.S.A. Track and Field sanctioned 5K run/walk that will be held on August 18, 2018 in North Liberty, IA.  It was started by a group of individuals from Grace Community Church who are passionate about following God’s call to be a “light” to the people of Haiti and who love to run.  This is our 5th annual 5k, and the 4th year that we have had a 1-mile Fun Run for the kids!

What is Luly?

Luly, along with its sister village of Williamson, is an impoverished community along the western Haitian coastline in need of physical, spiritual, and economic restoration.

How can a 5K help the people of Luly?

We run for children like Farahna Salvain (cover photo) who is a 6-year-old girl (she is now 11) we met in October of 2013 in a school supported by World Wide Village.  World Wide Village (WWV) is a Christian, non-profit organization working primarily in the villages of Luly and Williamson, Haiti since 2006.   100% of the proceeds raised through Run Luly will be donated to a vision initiative called the “City on the Hill Project” through World Wide Village that plans to assist the community by providing:

  • Access to healthcare through a permanent medical clinic
  • Economic development through sustainable poultry and agricultural operations
  • Spiritual development through a Pastor’s Training Center
  • Continued education through a Vocational Training School
  • Construction of single-family homes

The video below explains the needs in the villages from the perspective of the local pastors and the hope they see in the City on the Hill project (referred to in the video as “The Williamson Project”).

Why do we need to help the people of Haiti?

  • Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere with 80% of its population living in poverty;
  • Only an estimated 52.9% of Haitians over 15 years of age can read and write;
  • Lack of access to healthcare has resulted in an 18 fold increased risk of pregnancy related death and 20% increase in child birth defects compared to U.S. statistics;
  • Haitians have a 7% risk of death in the first five years of life, and a life expectancy of only 62 years.